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Get Back Up!

GET BACK UP – I am never down! What do you mean you are never down? I am either up or I am getting up! Everyone of us gets knocked down. That is not the question. The question is do we stay down? I am not going to lay there on the canvas. I am

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Abundance River

Abundance Those with a scarcity mindset, who believe there is never enough, seldom give to others. And guess what? They do run out! But those with an abundance mindset, always believe there is enough, and they are a river. A river, not a reservoir. And as they give, they have more to give. ======= Hooplafy

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FOUNDATION – base, bedrock, groundwork! The beginning! No one ever started building the building without a good foundation. You always start at the bottom. And there is nothing wrong with the bottom, unless you stay at the bottom. You cannot build anything big or strong without a good foundation. Start with a good foundation and

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Starting Over

Starting over can be a good thing. Starting over can be a bad thing.   Why am I starting over? If to improve, if to do better, then all joy. But if starting over without learning and improving, then all gloom. If starting over only because it did not work last time, oh no! There

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It Gets Better Each Day!

O consistency is so important. Those that join Hoopla, follow and do, and continue, it gets better and better. It gets better each day. As you continue to follow our instructions… As you continue to do as we do… It gets better and better and better. And soon, with your consistency, it will get very

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